Dear Journal 9/24

It seems that everyone I’m trying to reach out to is fucking off on me.  Even a dear family member who I have great admiration for (we got in a fight, cause of me) didn’t respond to my sincerest apology.  I wonder what this means?  I can feel the universe washing me clean of my … More Dear Journal 9/24

Bottom Twin

Little brother how I hate you squirming in the pit of hydra’s necks I bring for dinner I remember the day when my tears turned to a flood animating your limbs to dancing sticks I closed the door little brother and I turned away

Modern Loser

all I have are choices scattered on a bleach white bed panic, patterns pictures porn I pull the wires from the wall and it’s my decision my will, they said that I’m a wretch pissing away time boring fearing the end but unlike them at least I know what it means to be alone


30, safe in the sink your violet green has failed to form humming, pouring from morning’s static jaw tracing idle hands you force your throat to swallow spit feeling the flesh move and when it’s fine you descend drawn to the glow of a new day


I’ve never known such darkness your silhouette coming, going in stabs of shock pressing my eyes to the wall buzzing like a lost bee it moves through my safety cutting my neck with words unspoken holding me close shaking me with the thought that one day I will send it back into a night that’s never known … More Silhouette


the real … I was in a dream and I forgot lifting my heart like a weight unspoken – dream I forgot what I wanted leave me the shadows are on the wall, I’m waiting pylons link one to another I’m waiting and I know my place comfortable with my place, my role, my space … More Over/Under

A Room in Spain

The war had been raging for so long that I have forgotten where I was, or where I was going except that I was running for a long time. I stumbled into a room which I had expected to be chased out of and I was alone. It was like it had never been touched … More A Room in Spain

Like a Gun

travel travel over to my severed spine and pull out what you want from my naked mouth I’ll spit it out to filter blood spent out in the hours I’ll watch you wait in the meadow, like a ghost like an eye that hangs above and always knows that when you speak it’s like a … More Like a Gun

Hopeful Idiot

angels on a string like christmas lights in the water glowing glowing glowing, inviting into the waters where it’s all about shallow feet prickly feet that wade inside the shallow mud they always seem to move aside because the shock of a hard cut from the back-drifts of the night is scary scary when all … More Hopeful Idiot

Cigarrete Break

I’m sitting in front of the window, smoking a cigarette. The heat of the sun comes from far away and turns a glowing coral red, warming my shoulders. I watch the feminine curves of the smoke, the seductive nature of it, as it turns into a luscious spiral, squeezing the juice out of every twist, … More Cigarrete Break